The Ninety-Nine Names of God
In collaboration with Elyse Pignolet

A series of five drawings, done in collaboration with Elyse Pignolet, depict each of the airports involved in the Sept. 11th attacks - the three airports from which the four flights departed and the two airports which were the intended destinations of the flights. The departure gates of the airports are labeled with the "99 Most Perfect Names of God", from the Hadith.

The “99 Most Perfect Names of God” is an Islamic tradition of names found in the Qur’an and the Hadith, the second most important book in Islam. Lists of the ninety-nine names vary, as there are more than ninety-nine names appearing in the two books. In Islamic artworks, lists of the ninety-nine names often appear in elaborate calligraphy and with extensive decorations.

 "The 99 Names of God (SFO)"   Ink on Paper, 80" x 60", 2008. 
 "The 99 Names of God (Boston Logan)"   Ink on Paper, 80" x 60", 2008. 
 The 99 Names of God (Washington Dul   Ink on Paper, 80"x60", 2008 
 The 99 Names of God (NewarkLiberty)   Ink on Paper, 80"x60", 2008 
 "The 99 Names of God (LAX)"   Ink on Paper, 80" x 60", 2007. 
 "Newark Liberty" (detail)     
 Washington Dulles (detail)